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Oranjestad, Aruba – Mrs. Esther Broeksema and Mr. Giovanni de Windt of Aruba Excellence Foundation (A.E.F.) has officially granted a copy of the new book of Aruba Certification Program to the director of National Archives of Aruba, Mr. Raymond Hernandez.

Aruba Certification Program (A.C.P.) is especially designed for people that work directly and indirectly in the tourism industry, to provide correct and concise information about Aruba’s history, culture, nature, first inhabitants of the island, tourism and how to provide service excellence with Zjeito.
The National Archives of Aruba has contributed greatly with significant information that was documented through the course of time, which is vital a source of accurate information for the certification program.

The ‘Bibloteca Nacional di Aruba’ (B.N.A.) is the second entity that received a copy of the new book.
It was granted to the director of ‘Bibliotheca Nacional di Aruba’ (B.N.A.), Mrs. Astrid Britten and the section of ‘Arubiana’. One of the copies will be kept in the national collection. These two departments played a key role in providing history facts about Aruba, which serves as a vital source of information for Aruba Certification Program.

Aruba Excellence Foundation was established by Aruba Tourism Authority in June 2018. This foundation executes Aruba Certification Program (A.C.P.) and Happy Information Officer (H.I.O.) program.

The main objective of the foundation is to continue to develop and implement A.C.P. and H.I.O. and other programs especially designed to certify people that work in the service and hospitality industry to ensure that we can maintain a high level of consistent service excellence that Aruba is known for.

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