The Aruba Certification Program is an accredited certification program that’s been designed with the objective to provide correct and concise information about Aruba’s history, characteristics, and service standards.
This program was developed with flexible learning platforms making it easily accessible to all those who are interested to get certified.
Our highly knowledgeable instructors teach unique content including the incorporation of our 4 values which together form the guiding principle of the certification program and the essence of Aruba’s hospitality.
The innovation and digitalization of the program is the first of its kind in Aruba! You can easily certify yourself through our online program or face-to-face sessions. All those who become A.C.P. certified will receive a certificate of completion which is valid for 3 years, a pin, and an eBook.

The revamped Aruba Certification Program consists of the following new options:

OPTION 1: total of 15 certification hours | face-to-face | 5 modules


  • Aruba’s people and history of industries
  • Aruba’s culture, nature and sustainable development PT 1
  • Aruba’s characteristics and sustainable development PT 2
  • Aruba’s political structure and national symbols
  • Aruba’s tourism and service excellence

OPTION 2: total of 9 certification hours | face-to-face | 3 modules


  • Aruba’s history, culture, people & nature
  • Aruba’s tourism and becoming an Aruba Ambassador
  • Delivering service excellence with the essence of Aruba’s hospitality

The focus in this training is primarily on the Service Excellence component of the program.

OPTION 3: total of 3 certification hours | online | 5 modules + exam


  • Aruba’s nature and people
  • Aruba’s history and culture
  • Aruba’s tourism industry & culture
  • Aruba’s service excellence; the guest
  • Aruba’s service excellence; the guest & me

Aruba Certification Program

Below you will find the option for the A.C.P. online.

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