The Aruba Certification Program was launched in 2011 by the Government of Aruba as a training program for individuals working in the hospitality industry. The A.C.P. is aimed to provide consistent and accurate information on the tourism destination product, improving the overall destination experience for our visitors. Participants will be able to share the Aruba story with visitors in search of cultural and authentic experiences.


With the establishment of the Aruba Excellence Foundation, the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) has made a bold commitment to continue to improve the quality of service in the hospitality industry. After many years of working with different partners for the implementation and management of both programs (A.C.P. and H.I.O), the A.T.A. finds it important to resort these programs under a solid foundation that will guarantee their continuation and further development.

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Our team

Aruba Certification Program ACP aruba - melissa

Melissa Robert

She has been working with the ACP team since we started in July 2011.
She is the ACP Coordinator, who arranges our workshop schedules, keeps track of our statistics and database. She is also one of the facilitator. One of her main hobbies is taking panoramic pictures of the nature and historic buildings.

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Aruba Certification Program ACP aruba - giovanni

Giovanni de Windt

He has been working with the ACP team since the project started in July 2011. He is our ACP researcher. This way we can make sure that all the facts are right. He is also one of our facilitators with an expertise in historic events that took place on our island. One of his main hobbies is taking pictures of cultural events, historic buildings etc.

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Aruba Certification Program ACP aruba - susana

Susana Romero

She has been working with the ACP team since July 2011 and is the youngest of the team. She is our Marketing Coordinator. This entails keeping contact with the customers, coordinate workshop dates, site inspection for on property trainings and also following up with all clients that subscribe digitally etc.

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