Aruba Excellence Foundation

Aruba Excellence Foundation (A.E.F.) was established in June of 2018, by the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) with the objective to develop and implement value-added programs that will enhance the quality of service within the hospitality industry in Aruba. The A.E.F. is responsible to develop strategic plans for the coming years.

Core values


To be the leading institution for the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry in Aruba by empowering individuals through innovative learning and development initiatives.


To enhance the skills, knowledge and competencies of individuals involved in the tourism industry of Aruba, ensuring the long-term success and prosperity of the sector.


Through our unwavering commitment to learning and development, we aim to establish the Aruba Excellence Foundation as the leading institution that shapes the future workforce of the tourism industry, fosters innovation and spearheads sustainable growth.

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Aruba Certification Program – ACP Aruba

The goal of this program is to provide correct and consistent information about Aruba while stimulating appreciation for our island. Participate in the industry’s certification program in order for you to excel by providing excellent service with ‘Zjeito’ and obtaining a great understanding of Aruba!


Aruba Certification Program – ACP Aruba

ACP Aruba

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