Once upon a time, it was the norm to take guests to amazing places, encourage them to become involved in activities, and even communicate a fact or two. But what people remember, are their experiences, and to create an experience, you need to engage them emotionally. It’s about striking a balance between facts and activities (the functional) and engaging, amazing and memorable elements (emotional).

The Storytelling Program is to introduce the participants to the concept of Storytelling. We will explain the ‘Power of Storytelling’ and its benefits for businesses and for Aruba. Participants will have a better understanding of who the guests are and how to develop a story.

Day 1

We will introduce the participants with the concept of Storytelling followed by explaining the power of Storytelling. We will dive into the first three steps (of a total of five) on delivering excellent storytelling:

Step 1) Know your guests: How well do you really know your guest?
Step 2) Discover your story: There are many different starting points for a story.
Step 3) Develop your story: Now that you know who your guests are, how you want them to feel?

Day 2

On the second training day of the Storytelling Program, we will continue with the 2 final steps on delivering an excellent story and what mediums to use.

Step 4) Deliver your story: A strong initial concept (step 2) and clear structure (step 3) provides a solid foundation for a great story.
Step 5) Keep evolving: No matter how good your story is, it must evolve to stay relevant.

Duration of the training: 2 sessions, 3 hours each
Language: English
Requirements for participating: Participants must be A.C.P. Certified
Content: Deliver your story, techniques for a great storyteller, keep evolving the story, measure effectiveness of storytelling.

Price: AWG. 150,- per person

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