The main objective of A.C.P. is to provide correct and consistent information about Aruba, the tourism destination product and to improve the overall destination experience for visitors. Additionally, it is to rekindle the pride and unity of the Aruban community through the awareness and education of the Aruban brand identity, brand promise and excellent service with ‘zjeito’, resulting in One Happy Island.

The Service Excellence program focuses on our norms and values that characterize our local service, the authentic service that our people provide in our tourism industry. We call this, “service with Zjeito”. In this session we will focus how we can maintain the aspect of one happy island.

Once upon a time, it was the norm to take guests to amazing places, encourage them to become involved in activities, and even communicate a fact or two. But what people remember, are their experiences, and to create an experience, you need to engage them emotionally. It’s about striking a balance between facts and activities (the functional) and engaging, amazing and memorable elements (emotional).

The main objective of the ‘Turista Riba Mi Isla’ – Kids Camp is to develop a broad, correct and consistent knowledge of Aruba and prepare the kids to recognize the importance of the tourist industry for Aruba and give excellent service with ‘zjeito’ to our guests.

The camp is designed for kids ages 8 – 11 years. Elements and topics of the regular A.C.P program are incorporated in the camp’s program, however in a more fun yet educational and interactive way. We visit various sites and attractions where the kids get all the (historical) facts and they also get several workshops on themes such as Aruba’s music, cuisine, flora and fauna and much more.

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